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Zerona Slimming Laser provides first non-invasive body slimming procedure to effectively remove excess fat. Zerona is referred to “the new liposuction” because of the instant results of 3-11 inches loss in just two weeks guaranteed. ZERONA is FDA approved for laser assisted liposuction and is proven safe and effective for non-invasive fat reduction. Zerona is a laser treatment that is painless, time efficient and instantly affective. With ZERONA treatment plans you can reduce stubborn fat from tummy, back, hips, thighs, buttocks, love handles, chin, neck and arms. ZERONA® utilizes the Erchonia® Laser Scanner, the safest and most researched low-level laser in the world. The non-invasive Erchonia laser is applied to emulsify the adipose tissue and release excess fat into the interstitial space. From there, fat is passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification.

How it works

ZERONA is an easy solution to weightloss because it does not require interruption with every day activities and requires no wounds, surgery, pain or substantial amount of time for treatments and healing. With Zerona treatments plans you can achieve instantly noticeable inch loss and remove excess fat from troublesome areas. This gives you the advantages of weight loss that you would normally have to go to a gym to achieve but with Zerona you can conveniently schedule a short treatment and see the same results. Zerona is FDA approved and will be indorsed by Dr. Michael Hanna through our facility. Because there has been a lot of research done on Zerona it is also guaranteed that you will see 3-11 inches in just two weeks of treatment sessions.

The Benefits

The Zerona will be used as an additional fat shredding treatment along with a customized diet, exercise and meal plan that has been designed by our physician  and the dietitian. After Dr. Michael and the dietitian have appropriately accessed the patient’s needs they will schedule regular sessions to increase their fat burning progress. The sessions will increase inch loss as well as encourage and empower the patient as the inch loss is very noticeable even after only a short few treatments.

How we will use the Zerona machine

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