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Slim full body Fitness machines consist of a vibrating platform combined with an upright bar for balance and sometimes a system of exercise straps. The platform oscillates up and down at a frequency of about 30 Hz. The upward swing of the platform intensifies the effect of normal gravity, forcing muscle tissues to work to adjust. Patients stand in a stationary posture on the machine, isometrically tensed.  Session Workouts last about ten minutes but manufacturers claim the effect equals one hour of normal types of exercise. Some of the positive effects of the machine are that it only takes ten minutes to burn 450 calories as opposed to going to the gym for an hour. The vibration system may increase neural activity and cause the body to use more muscle tissue as well as stimulate the body to burn fat while burning calories. This machine is guaranteed to “shake the fat away.”

How it works

The Slim full body Fitness machines are designed to burn calories and stimulate the tissues and muscles within the body. Some of the benefits of these machines are that the muscles are forced to contract and expand during this session which causes sculpting or toning of the muscles, it also loosens the muscle tension in order for them to break down fat. The vibrations loosens the muscle fibres in order to increase the rate of fat breakdown. Also the shaker helps athletes utilize and stimulate all of their muscles instead of just a small percentage therefore increasing blood flow and duration of physical activities such as sports training. One of the most attractive benefits of the Slim full body Fitness machines is time! It takes only one session of ten minutes to burn 450 calories or the equivalent of one hour in the gym. This is an easy solution for weight loss because it doesn’t take a lot of effort and it saves time for people with demanding schedules.

The benefits

The Slim full body Fitness machines will be utilized in the program as an added benefit to the diet and exercise plan. Slim full body Fitness combined with zerona, meal plans, diet plans, supplements and exercise is the best way to maximize your success. After meeting with Dr. Michael Hanna and the dietitian we can appropriately access what kind of plan the patient will be on and Slim full body Fitness workout sessions will be scheduled in addition to other scheduled treatments. The Slim full body Fitness machines will be used as and calorie burning sculpting system alloying our patients to shred fat while increasing muscle and tissue function in a time efficient manner.

How we will use the slim full body fitness machines

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