Personal trainers work with individuals or small groups to create and execute customized workout plans to help individuals achieve specific fitness results. Our personal trainer will be keeping a detailed record of results and goals for each client and monitoring progress. Trainers help ensure their clients are exercising safely and using proper technique to get desired results from their efforts and prevent injury. Although they are not nutritionists, personal trainers may also share general advice for how and what to eat to maximize the effectiveness of the training provided and will be working for common goals with the physician and nutritionist. After consulting with the physician and nutritionist, the personal trainer will be able to customize a workout program and empower the individual with the necessary education and equipment to help them execute their goals.

How it works

A personal trainer coaches clients and helps them with their workouts, whether using weights, machines or dong aerobics, walking or flexibility training. Trainers monitor and record client's progress using methods such as body fat testing and heart rate levels to calculate the progress of the workout program. This enables the personal trainer to give advice about lifestyle changes and modification with health and nutrition. This helps them coach the individual on the appropriate way to incorporate exercise with conditions, disabilities and challenges specific to the patient. But above all else they are there to provide empowerment and encouragement to the individual while working to reach their desired health goals.

The Benefits of having a personal trainer

Our personal trainer will be working directly with our patients working on a program that is suited to the needs and health situation of the individual. With the help of the dietitian and physician the personal trainer will be able to monitor and adjust the program to reach the health expectations. After the initial assessment by our physician  and the nutritionist, the personal trainer will be able to create and design a workout routine and program that will maximize the success of the patient`s progress.

Our personal trainer

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