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Schedule an appointment by using our online booking system or call us at 204.717.7500 and a customer support representative would assist you. We will also send you an introduction email with more details about our services, contact information and the Client Information Sheet, which you have to complete and return to us in order to proceed with your enrollment. Your details will not be shared with any other individual, group or organization.


An EKG and blood work will be ordered and completed by the patient prior to the initial consultation with our physician and the meetings with the dietitian and personal trainer. The results of the blood analysis and EKG will then be given to our physician to review and an appointment will be made to discuss the results with the patient. The EKG and blood work will tell the physician what kind of physical health the patient is in prior to lifestyle and diet modifications. This will enable the physician, dietitian and personal trainer to customize and modify the program to meet the health concerns or issues specific to the patient`s needs. read more

Our dietitians assess patient's nutritional needs, develop and implement nutrition programs, and evaluate and report the results to the physician in order to coordinate medical and nutritional needs. With the results of the blood work and physician’s assessment our accredited professionals will help customize and personalize meal plans according to your health needs, personal goals and dietary restrictions. Our professional team will be able to provide advice on diet-related concerns and current health issues, provide counsel and work on lifestyle and behavioral modifications. Our dietitians will be here to motivate and empower the patient to implement new dietary care plans and provide nutrition screening for our patients to monitor progress and set reachable goals.

Meet Our Planner

Choose a Weight Loss Methodology

To customize a nutrition plan for a patient, our dietitians and physician will choose a diet plan that works with the patient’s lifestyle, personal goals and health concerns. They will apply their knowledge and education to practical situations, helping people make wise food choices that can improve their health, increase their longevity and enhance their enjoyment of life.

Physician Assessment

In the initial consultation our physician will assess the patient’s current medical situation as well as previous conditions or concerns. With the results of the blood work and EKG our physician will be able to discuss suggested measures to help increase your overall health and weight loss success. After testing to see if the patient is physically healthy enough, our physician will be able to work in concordance with our professional team to help design a program best suited to each patient’s individual needs.

Lose Weight

A weight loss challenge should always be customized and designed to fit the personal needs of the participant.  Our accredited professionals help design nutritional and fitness programs that fit the individual’s desired results, health issues and lifestyle.  In order to accomplish a personalized program it requires developing meal plans, exercise programs, recording progress, health and nutritional monitoring, counseling on behavioral and lifestyle modification. A weight loss challenge coach will create a diet plan that helps you safely meet your goals with the physician. They will take into consideration your medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels when developing a diet specific to your needs. Along with the approved and researched technology and self-empowerment you will have the tools you need to reach your personal goals. With continual follow up, our professionals will provide participants with ongoing information and feedback about your progress. Along with this action plan, our coaches will provide the inspiration and moral support that can help you succeed!

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