St Mary Weight Loss weight management program

Should I enroll in a weight management program at St. Mary Weight Loss Centre?

How can St. Mary Weight Loss Centre help me achieve a healthy happy weight?

How do I know if I am obese or overweight?

Do you do surgery?

Full body slimming fitness machines

What does the Full Body Slimming Machine do?

What are the benefits of the full body slimming fitness machines?

Why do we recommend Full body Slimming Machines?

Zerona laser treatment

Is Zerona harmful to your body?

How long is a Zerona treatment?

What does the Zerona do?

Are there negative side effects from Zerona?

After the Zerona laser treatment, where does the fat go?

Do Zerona treatments require recovery time or cause or destroy cells within the body?

Why is the fat cell good for your body?

Appointments, insurance and fees

How can I schedule an appointment ?

What are the centre's working hours ?

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