St. Mary Weight Loss Centre is leading the field of weight loss using an interdisciplinary model.
Our trained team of professionals are using proven and effective methods through evidence based medicine that is approved by the Canadian Practice Guidelines for Obesity and the Canadian Medical Association Journal Obesity Guidelines.  We are also a member of the Canadian Obesity Network.

Our Mission

The vision of St. Mary Weight Loss Centre is to improve health by treating one of the most common and dangerous problems of the century: obesity.

St. Mary Weight Loss Centre includes a team of physicians, behavioural therapists, dietitians, and personal trainers. The centre uses principles outlined in the Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Obesity, which recommends dietary, exercise, and behavioural interventions for weight loss, with meal replacement, pharmacotherapy, and referral for surgery as adjacent therapies, when indicated.

We also have also implemented a Health Canada and FDA approved laser treatment for obesity into our program; the leading technology that changed the world of liposuction.

Our Vision


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